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Denise Winner, CFA

Denise Winner, CFA

Ms. Winner is president and CEO of Winner Squared. With over 15 years of experience developing technologies for the capital markets and entrepreneurial ventures, Ms. Winner founded Winner Squared to provide cutting edge financial engineering and analytical solutions to global firms. Ms. Winner is directly involved with new business startups; information to implementation and support; financial analysis; and project management.

Ms. Winner was formerly the Director of Fixed-Income Analytics for Transamerica Investment Services where she led a development team in the implementation and operation of a real-time analytics platform. Ms. Winner’s prior experience includes: Quintelligent Corporation where she was a partner and responsible for research and implementation of a fund of funds; and, Leland O'Brien Rubinstein/Geske Bock where she was Financial Product Manager.

Ms. Winner holds a B.S. in Economics with major in Accounting and Decision Sciences at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton’s School. Ms. Winner attended Brown University’s Master of Computer Science program with a concentration in Artificial Intelligence and Office Automation. In addition, she is a Chartered Financial Analyst and continies to study via online classes at Coursera focusing on Data Mining and Analysis.


Andrew Winner, CFA

Mr. Winner is CFO and Principal of Winner Squared. With over 25 years of experience in software development and project management, Mr. Winner has extensive experience in sell-side technology. He primarily focuses on financial applications and is a pioneer in the field of trade cost analysis. Mr. Winner is responsible for the design and implementation of Instinet’s global Post Trade Cost Analysis system. Formally, Mr. Winner was a founding member of ITG where he designed and implemented their electronic execution systems and researched platforms. Mr. Winner’s prior experience includes: Western Asset Management where he served as Project Manager; Sun Microsystems and Bell laboratories where he served as senior systems’ engineer and sales support; New York University where he served as research associate on the Ultra-computer project in advanced parallel computing.

Mr. Winner has a B.A in Mathematics and Computer Sciences from New York University and passed his securities licenses 7 and 63.In addition, he is a Certified Financial Analyst


Chunseo Choi

Mr. Choi is CTO of Winner Squared. He has over 20 years of experience in all levels and aspects of software engineering. Mr. Choi is an accomplished software architect/engineer with strong analytical and creative problem solving skills. Mr. Choi has designed and developed numerous web sites, financial applications, clinical databases, medical applications, banking applications and entertainment applications. Mr. Choi has worked as a consultant for Advanced Bionics, House Ear Institute, CapitalIQ, Thomson Reuters, The Walt Disney Company, Transamerica, and other companies.

Mr. Choi holds a Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics degree from UCLA. Mr. Choi also finished all the course work for Master of Arts in Applied Mathematics degree at UCLA.



Winner Squared partners with New Standards for design and implementation of complex apps, websites and enterprise solutions. Founded in 2006 by Stanford alums, New Standards specializes in software applications for startups and Fortune 500 firms.

Winner Squared also partners with Carissa Catalina Graphic Designer for customized logo and graphical design work. Ms. Catalina’s BFA in Graphic Design from Long Beach State University combined with her expertise in photography, graphic design and illustration enables her to readily visualize and construct the client’s ideal image.